Material Information

 Abrasive Waterjets are a unique cutting method because they can cut almost any material known to man. The materials customers most typically recruit our help for are:

Aluminum Kirksite
Brass Limestone
Bronze Magnesium
Copper Marble
Dies Plastics
Fiberglass Rubber
Granite Steel
Graphite Stainless Steel
Inconel Titanium


Among the very few materials that waterjets cannot cut are diamonds and tempered glass. Diamonds are too hard to cut. Tempered glass will shatter when it is cut with a waterjet (tempered glass is designed to shatter when it’s disturbed and is frequently used in windshields for this very reason). A few advanced ceramics are so hard that it’s not economical to cut them. Some composite materials (layers of different materials sandwiched together) can’t be cut because the water can seep between the layers and “delaminate” the material. However, there are some techniques we have acquired over the years that allow us to attempt to cut some laminated materials. Many composite materials cut just fine.


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